Computer Repair 

Q: Is it still just $50?

A: Not anymore. Economy sucks right now, price is going to $85.

Q: What is the catch with the $85 service?

A: The catch is: You have to bring your computer to me. I do pick up and drop off if you're close enough.

Q: How can the service be only $85?

A: Because I am the awesomesauce and can fix most anything, ask my customers.

Q: Will my bill ever exceed $85?

A: Only if the computer needs parts.

Q: My computer has a Virus / Spyware, is that covered by the $85 Service?

A: Yes. That is the one of the most common issues

Q: Can you get rid of this thing that keeps popping up?

A: Yes.

Q: My computer keeps saying "Configuring updates stage 3 of 3" then reboots and does it again, can you fix it?

A: Yes. That is caused by a bad patch from Windows Update.

Q: My computer is SLOW, will the $85 service speed it up?

A: Most definitely!

Q: Windows will not boot, is that covered by the $85 service?

A: Most of the time, Yes. There are some cases where Windows will have to be reinstalled.

Q: How long do the repairs typically take?

A: Most units are ready the next day. Some may take as long as 48 hours.

Q: Do I get a warranty after my computer is repaired?

A: Yes, you get a 14 day software only warranty. If the unit becomes re-infected with viruses or spyware due to user error, it is not covered.

My Documents, Pictures, E-mails, Etc

Q: Will I lose any of my data?

A: No. A clone is made of your computer before any work begins. Your data is safe.

Q: Will I lose any of my programs?

A: In some cases, Windows may need re-installation. If any programs will be lost, you will be contacted prior to the event.

Q: Will I lose any of my programs due to Spyware/Viruses?

A: Some programs (file sharing, IM, cursors, screensavers) are actually riddled with malware and viruses. In some rare cases, they may cease to function. If that is the situation, a safer alternative will be suggested.

Q: Can I get a copy of the clone you make of my computer?

A: Yes, copies of the backup are available for an additional fee. Backups are free if you supply an external hard drive.


Q: What versions of Windows do you support?

A: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Q: Do you support BSD or Linux?

A: Not great at it, be happy to take a look.

Q: Do you support Mac?

A. I can fix those too. 

Specific Issues

Q: Windows says "I may be a victim of software counterfeiting" Can you get rid of it?

A: No. You need to contact Microsoft support or your manufacturer.

Q: Windows is asking me to activate, but it won't let me. Will you fix it?

A: Change the product key to match the sticker on the side or bottom of your case. If it still won't activate, contact Microsoft.


Q: Do you offer Rush Service / Same Day Repairs?

A: Yes, please call for a quote.

Q: Do you offer Service Contracts?

A: Sure do! But only for small and medium sized businesses.

Q: Do you offer Technical Support over the phone?

A: If you've had me fix your computer before and it is something simple, yes.

Q Do you offer On-site service?

A: Yes, but only for business location. Service calls are charged by the hour.

Q: Do you offer Remote Assistance?

A: Yes. Remote assistance is available to current and past customers.

Q: Do you sell computers?

A: Not worth it anymore. Buy the next big special from Fry's.

Hardware and Parts

Q: The screen on my laptop is cracked, can you get a new one?

A: Usually. eBay has most everything.

Q: The (insert obscure part here) is broken on my computer, can you order a new one?

A: Sometimes.

Q: How long does it take to get parts from your eBay?

A: Generally less than two weeks. Typically, within 7 business days.


Q: When is payment due?

A: When you pick up your stuff.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: Cash or Credit Cards. Checks are accepted from established customers.


Q: My laptop is missing the serial numbers, will you work on it?

A: Nope. I won't work on any equipment that even has a remote possibility of being illegitimate.

Q: I formatted my computer and lost my programs, can you get them back?

A: If you have the Original or OEM installation media and the product keys, they can be resinstalled.

Q: Will you wipe my computer and reinstall Windows?

A: Yes. Your computer must contain a recovery partition, or you need to have the original installation media with matching product key.

Q: Will you wipe my computer and install Linux or BSD?

A: Sure! What distribution do you want?

Q: Will you wipe my PC and install OSX?

A: No (unless it's a Mac). Apple does not like it when you don't pay iTax.